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Community Gardens

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Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

Community gardens are taking off across the country, and there are literally thousands of them, with plans for many more to come. Community gardens are popular for a variety of reasons. People who do not have a garden of their own, are flocking to community gardens and growing their own fruits and vegetables instead of buying produce that often travels hundreds of miles before it reaches the grocery store. Concerns over food safety and an increased interest in organic gardening have also added to the popularity of these gardens. Many towns and cities are providing plots to city dwellers, at practically no cost, creating thousands of urban farmers, ranging from the young, to the young at heart. People grow fruits and vegetables for different reasons. Some plant for themselves and others grow produce and give to those who are not able to afford to buy fresh vegetables. Added features of the community gardens are that they not only provide a wonderful place to grow delicious, hand-pick veggies, the gardens also create and support a local food infrastructure and foster a sense of community. There are many organizations and grassroots efforts that are happy to provide information about how to start and support a community garden. Do you have questions about stating a community garden in your neighborhood? Ask Daphne.

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Featured Local Initiatives

Norwalk Community Gardens
Location: Norwalk, CT
Fodor Farm is one of Norwalk's significant agricultural landmarks
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The Gardens Project
Location: Ukiah, CA
Contact: Miles Gordon
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Dover Cassily Community Garden
Location: Dover, NH
We are a unique community garden tended as a whole by our group of stewards
Read more
Cascade P-Patch
Location: Seattle, WA
Contact: Patrick Broemeling
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Stamford Community Garden
Location: Stamford, CT
Contact: Daphne Dixon
Join us as we start to plan a new community garden in Stamford, CT! Where's what you can do right now: Get conected to others who want to be a part of building a community garden in Stamford
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Cherry lawn Community Gardens
Location: Darien, CT
Contact: Daphne Dixon
Read more
Gardening for Good
Location: Greenville County, SC
Contact: Reece Lyerly
Gardening for Good is a network of local community gardens that builds upon the energy of the community garden movement, coordinates neighborhood redevelopment efforts, improves the health of residents and neighborhoods, and transforms Greenville through gardening
Read more
Odessa Street, Sterling, Greenville, SC
Location: Greenville County, SC
Contact: Maxim Williams
As with most things, the true beginning began through dialogue, relationships, and trust
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High Vista Community Garden, Mills River, North Carolina
Contact: Sharon Willen
Our garden began in March 2011 with a potluck dinner among neighbors to discuss cooperative gardening
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Garland, TX
Location: Garland, TX
Contact: Marcos Martinez
Read more
Denver, Colorado
Location: Denver, CO
Contact: Barbara Masoner
One of our projects is growing vegetables in Denver city parks' flower beds
Read more
Contact: Shylean Fairbairn
Kennebunk currently has a community garden with the same general idea, it is cultivated by volunteers
Read more
Sanford's Community Garden Project
Location: Sanford, ME
Contact: Shylean Fairbairn
I think Sanford would benefit from acommunity garden project
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Community Garden Planters
Location: Danville, KY
Contact: James Ross
The community gardeners in Danville are a remarkable mix of people from many backgrounds, so the gardens function as some of the most multicultural places in the city
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Greenwood SC Community Gardening Project
Contact: Toni Able
Community Gardening in Greenwood County, South Carolina has shown marked success
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Verona Community Garden
Location: Verona, WI
Contact: John Migon
Verona Community Garden will work with Verona Area Schools, the Verona Area Needs Network (VANN), local food pantries, the Community Action Coalition (CAC), and other local groups to insure we are meeting the diverse needs of our community
Read more
Greenwich Community Gardens
Contact: Patricia Sechi
Greenwich Community Gardens is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create sustainable, community gardens that provide the opportunity for local residents to grow their own organic vegetables, herbs and flowers in ways that promote community building, garden education, exercise, health & wellness
Read more

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Rob asked:
I live in the Peachtree Hills neighborhood of Atlanta and you have our community garden listed as a green initiative. However, when I click on it I don't see anything about the garden, just about community gardens in general and an example from Norwalk, CT. Is this what is supposed to happen?

Thanks Rob... We are working on that!! Glad you checked out the site. Do have specific info on your community garden? If so I can add to site.

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