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Greenwood SC Community Gardening Project

Contact Info

Name: Toni Able
Phone: 864-941-3370
110 Phoenix Street


Community Gardening in Greenwood County, South Carolina has shown marked success. Now in its official third spring/summer growing season the Greenwood Community Gardening Project has grown from 10 to 15 volunteer neighborhood/community gardens. Last year (2011) the 10 participating gardens gave 6,955 pounds of produce to shut-ins, emergency food service organizations, elderly and food pantries. They had reported 3,414 volunteer hours.
Our gardens over the past three years have influenced the community far beyond simple food production; they have experienced increased community pride and identity, more attention to home upkeep, less litter, and more neighbors helping neighbors, particularly our seniors, in addition to the benefits of locally distributed home-grown produce. Our garden volunteers help deliver information about health and wellness, litter clean-up, crime prevention and much more among their own neighborhoods. Our community garden program is a direct response to community demand for all that a garden can bring to a community in addition to easy access to fresh food grown by local hands. All gardens are registered USDA People’s Gardens, which requires that they each contain certain conservation practices. They also have received yearly recognition from the USDA and Keep America Beautiful.

Our gardens bring together young and old, connecting us to the bounty of our soil, water, air, plants and wildlife with a message not delivered to an app or any i-device.

2012 Greenwood Community Gardening Project has donated 1,100 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables so far!!

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