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Denver, Colorado

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Name: Barbara Masoner
Civic Center Park


One of our projects is growing vegetables in Denver city parks' flower beds. Our first garden was in Civic Center Park, in the middle of downtown Denver. The garden was not only productive but also attractive. Because of its success, Denver Parks and Recreation provided us with six flower beds in 2010 and then 11 beds in 2011. In 2011 these gardens provided over 2,700 pounds of fresh produce valued at over $5,000. Each year we have reached out to more organizations to help with maintaining the gardens. Volunteers of Outdoor Colorado helped us plant more than 2,000 seedlings, Denver Botanic Gardens provided landscape designs ensuring our gardens were attractive and bountiful. Returned Peace Corp Volunteers, Crossroads of the Rockies and GroundWork Denver each adopted a garden and maintained it.

We also sponsor seasonal potlucks that bring together the community. Anyone associated with local agriculture is invited to join in. This is an excellent opportunity to network with other organizations and individuals committed to a more sustainable community.

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