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Odessa Street, Sterling, Greenville, SC

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Name: Maxim Williams
Greenville County


As with most things, the true beginning began through dialogue, relationships, and trust. The owner of the property had shown up to a Summit announcing the kick off of a Healthy Community Initiative through a local hospital named Bon Secours St. Francis in Greenville, SC. The initiative launched in her old neighborhood, Sterling, just outside downtown. Her name is Peggy Baxter and 3 years ago, she knew nothing about gardens and was more interested in advocating for senior citizens. After a year or so of working with the hospital, many other partners, and the seniors themselves to revitalize senior programming to be more empowerment based, she attended a meeting last February of 2010 and as the hospital system was describing other opportunities to build sustainability in the community, she had a realization: she owns land in the community. She then realized she could have a garden built upon it. And so we began early last summer to build an garden on land she grew up on. It has since received a lot of attention for its organic practices and grassroots management. People far and wide have come to see the garden and offer their support. A group of architects are currently designing a new shed system for the garden this summer! However, much is needed in terms of landscaping, tools, and support. It's important to keep the effort "owned" by the community so that it is protected indefinitely but support from the outside is always welcomed.

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