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Daphne Dixon

Title: Executive Director, Conscious Decisions & Director, GreenTowns

Organization: Conscious Decisions and GreenTowns

Expertise: Connecting people around green initiatives locally, regionally and nationally.


Supporting the growth of resilient communities, celebrating green initiatives & the people who lead them locally, regionally & nationally to create a healthier and more livable planet.

Episode 20: Eco-Entrepreneur Daphne Dixon Discusses Sustainable Communities from John Hartwell on Vimeo.

Daphne is an eco-entrepreneur/environmentalist who has been working closely with sustainability leaders, businesses, organizations, and community members locally, regionally and nationally to raise awareness about resilient communities and to engage people in green - living practices. In 2007, Daphne founded Conscious Decisions, an organization focused on educating the public on sustainable and eco-friendly living practices. She founded the annual Fairfield County Green Faire, Fairfield County Green Coast Awards, and is co-founder of Green Market Exposition, Resilient Connecticut! Workshop & Toolkit, and of Live Green Connecticut! a 501 (c) (3) public charity dedicated to environmental stewardship. In 2010, Daphne become Director of GreenTowns. Daphne is a committee member of the CT Green Building Council, SoundWaters, Sustainable Stamford, Wilton Go Green, Inc., Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration, Fairfield's Clean Energy Task Force, and Fairfield's Citizens Emergency Response Team. Daphne is a certified Master Gardener, serves as an alternate on Fairfield's Zoning Board of Appeals board, and serves as investment manager for the Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She is the host of Fairfield Green Drinks, Co-host of Stamford and Bridgeport Green Drinks, and involved with many regional, statewide and national sustainability initiatives. Daphne currently resides in Fairfield, Connecticut, but is a native Californian and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.
Contact Info:
Daphne Dixon
phone: (203) 536-4695
e-mail: daphnedixon@mac.com
website: daphnedixon.com

 and Projects

Executive Director

Conscious Decisions



Live Green Connecticut!



Executive Director

Green Coast Awards






Connecticut Green Team


Annual Events


Live Green Connecticut Green Living and Family Festival



The Green Faire



Green Market Exposition


Executive Director

CT's Resiliency Task Force Workshop


Committee Member/Exhibitors

Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration


Logistics & Day of Event Chair

Wilton Go Green Festival


Monthly Events


Fairfield Green Drinks


Bridgeport Green Drinks



Stamford Green Drinks

Environmental Committees

Committee Member

Fairfield's Clean Energy Task Force


Committee Member, Business in the Environment



Committee Member

CT Green Building Council


Board Member

Wilton Go Green, Inc.



Investment Manager, Board Member

Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter, DAR


Past President, Team Member

Fairfield's Citizen Emergency Response Team


Zoning Board of Appeals, Alternate, 

Local Press


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