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Tamara Duhov

Summary: I have no professional expertise in community gardening. All I know is that I am a native Stamfordite who is thrilled with all of the green initiatives in this community. I have been saying for ages that it's about time we build some community gardens, have our own farmers markets and transform this city! I am an avid cook, always striving to use the freshest, organic, most local ingredients as possible. I always use natural/holistic whenever possible from cleaning to cooking, to healing my family's ailments. I am mostly self taught and am so eager to learn and grow. I am a mother of a 5 year old and also a local elementary school teacher. I am always trying to find teachable moments abd activities with my daughter as well students to instill the importance of being green and caring for our wonderful planet. This project sounds FANTASTIC and I am ready to dig in!!!


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