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Brenda Jacobsen

Organization: East Side/Glenbrook/ Cove

Expertise: managing a successful vegetable garden

Summary: My husband knows how to garden from start to finish. He has created a 20x 40 foot garden in Darien but we may have to move and his beautiful vegetable garden will come to an end. He has built this garden over the past several years. I can send pics. ( not so attractive now since Hurricane Sandy). I am wondering if on the East Side/ Cove Beach/Glenbrook area- near Darien- if there is interest for others who want to bring a Community garden to life. All we need is a plot of land with access to a hose- and some hearty people with an interest in gardening. My husband knows a lot about gardening and has built raised beds and has grown a wide variety of produce. I have said over the years- others should see what you do- this is amazing - and our family and friends have enjoyed the eggplants, squash, tomatoes, lettuces, lots more tomatoes, herbs, beets, cukes and many many others. And so will you if we band together- with the right sunny plots- a community garden can come together. He has a lot of supplies. I feel sad if all the materials end up at the dump. He has a passion and skill for gardening that in some way could be shared with others. What do you think? I read about a community garden on Lockwood Ave/Kelly's? Is this a garden that others can join as well? As in - people have their own 4x12 or 4x 18 plot? Surely, there is an unused plot of land that can be brought to life in this fashion. Let me know. Thanks Brenda


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