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Environmental Committees

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Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

Many towns and cities have a task force focussed on environmental sustainability and create partnerships where volunteers work along side each other to achieve common goals. Most of these groups focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, zero waste goals, sustainable landscaping and eco-friendly  building practices.

Most groups meet regularly. And many towns have annual community events to share and celebrate sustainability efforts.

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Featured Local Initiatives

Environmental Task Force
The City would like to congratulate its inaugural18-member Environmental Task Force on a highly successful program
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Clean Energy Task Force
Contact: Larry Kaley
Through the actions of The Board of Selectman and the RTM, Fairfield’s Clean Energy Task Force (CETF) was formed
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Task Force on the Environment
Established in 1991 by the Santa Monica City Council, the Task Force on the Environment was created to advise City Council on environmental program and policy issues
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Sustainable Fairfield
Contact: Janak Desai
This group was created to allow sharing of information related to the environment and community between Fairfield's various environmental groups and residents
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Sustainable Stamford
Location: Stamford, CT
Contact: Steve Grasso
The mission of Sustainable Stamford is to promote energy efficiency, environmental education, waste reduction and recycling, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, green buildings and all efforts affecting sustainability in Stamford
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SCAN Fairbanks
SCAN Fairbanks stands for Sustainable Community Action Network Fairbanks, an organization dedicated to connecting individuals, organizations and businesses with resources, expertise, and personal experiences looking for assistance in becoming more sustainable
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 Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Initiative
Contact: Jenita McGowan
There are more than 30 volunteer working groups that have created entrepreneurial businesses, developed new sustainable processes, engaged in advocacy and policy work and much more
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Carlstadt's Fresh Air Market
The next markets are on September 16th and October 21st from 11am-4pm
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Lewisboro Sustainability Committee
Contact: Heather Flournoy
The Town of Lewisboro has been exploring and is interested in promoting various initiatives which relate to energy and sustainability, such as energy conservation, renewable energy, alternatives to automobile transportation, green building technology, waste and material management, local food and related “green jobs”
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Stoughton Energy & Sustainability Committee
Contact: Jill Somers
The Stoughton Energy & Sustainability Committee is a citizen’s advisory group to the Town’s Board of Selectmen focusing on issues pertaining to energy consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring, solid waste generation (Recycling and Waste Reduction), water consumption, and waste water generation in the town of Stoughton, Ma
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Advisors for Environmental Committees : what is this?

Janak Desai

Sustainable Fairfield

Fairfield, CT

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