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Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Initiative

Contact Info

Name: Jenita McGowan
Phone: 216-664-2444 ext 5579


There are more than 30 volunteer working groups that have created entrepreneurial businesses, developed new sustainable processes, engaged in advocacy and policy work and much more. Below are just a few examples: Growhio: emerged from the 2009 Sustainability Summit and received Ohio Dept. of Agriculture funding to promote farmers' markets and offer vendor startup assistance.www.growhio.org Tunnel Vision Hoops: Emerged from 2009 Sustainability Summit, to build a better hoop house with local materials. They are now a thriving new, sustainable business.http://www.tunnelvisionhoops.com/ Greater Cleveland Energy Alliance: Emerged from the 2010 Sustainability Summit to create better financing for Energy Efficiency retrofits for Cleveland's aging housing stock. This will provide financing for those not eligible for HWAP progarmming. Net Zero Energy Emissions: This working group is building 2 net zero buildings and will create a how to guide about how to create net zero building with no cost premium. There are countless more examples and more information about working group successes can be found at www.cleveland2019.org

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