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Sustainable Fairfield

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Name: Janak Desai
2070 Post Road


Creating a forum for an environmentally conscious community


This group was created to allow sharing of information related to the environment and community between Fairfield's various environmental groups and residents. However, this group also aims to touch on issues in nearby communities, as well as state and national issues that have an impact on us. This forum allows us to collaborate, inform and get support from each other whenever required and to make our voices heard louder in order to make a greener impact.

Amongst many other posts, the Sustainable Fairfield communication group posts information about all sustainable and green initiatives and events, making it a one stop shop for anyone interested in finding out about local green issues. Other items that have been posted are "call to action" requests for "close to home" legislation; specific guidelines for recycling in Fairfield including information on where to take items not collected in town; factsheet for opportunities available for renewable energy and energy efficiency, including rebates at state level; and other green informational messages to help us reduce our collective carbon footprint.

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