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Home Energy Solutions-Energy Audits in CT

Category: Energy

Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

Home energy solutions, known as energy audits, help reduce energy costs as well as help keep our environment green. Energy audits can include replacing tradiitonal light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, blower door tests, checking for leaks in oil or gas tanks, adding insulation and caulking holes.

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Home Energy Solutions, Fairfield
Location: Connecticut, CT
Home energy solutions-energy audits are available all over Connecticut, and it has been making our communities and areas greener
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Home Energy Audit Project-Fairfield
Contact: Lauren Lanham
Thanks to a grant from the Department of Energy, the Town of Fairfield was able to offer 1,400 of its residents free home energy audits, on a first come first served basis
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Home Energy Solutions by New England Conservation Services
Contact: Paul Bogdanoff
Contractor energy assessment services may include the following: A blower-door test which pinpoints critical drafts and air leaks
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Advisors for Home Energy Solutions-Energy Audits In CT : what is this?

Bruce Benson

Green Star Energy Solutions

Brookfield, CT

Stephanie Weiner

New England Smart Energy Group LLC

Fairfield, CT

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