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Name: Dan Bishop


How to reduce chemical exposure


One of our first installs was located in the south at a hog farm (High Ridge Farm) in Grimesland, South Carolina where the thee mile radius surrounding the town was overwhelmed by the smell of sewage and the farm itself couldn’t properly operate because of scale buildup and diseases on the water. We were asked to try to help their situation and once we installed a few open electrodes and our sonically units, the following results were attained! Almost complete elimination of all odors was achieved,  even when water was held up to smell. We reduced fecal coli forms from 420,000 col/ 100ml - to - 1,000 col/ 100ml. We also reduced nitrogen levels by 25% and reduced fermentation. We decaled pipes that were 4" and usually completely blocked themselves monthly and now remain scale free. The neighbors, as you can imagine have a true appreciation for our technology. We also installed our units at the Schick manufacturing facility in Milford CT on their cooling towers, which eliminated all use of chemicals and restored their towers to their original operating and design conditions. We reduced water consumption by 70% and reduced growth of bacteria and algae.

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