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Non Chemical Descalers Installed to Eliminate Chemical Exposure.

Category: Water

Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

We created the Sonical technology that utilizes a uniquely designed electrical wavelength that when sent through our devise breaks down the scale which develops on pipes and surfaces as well as kills bacteria and pathogens in the water. Our technology is used in three fashions such as to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in cooling towers as well as in reducing oil consumption in heating units in these same buildings and also reducing fuel consumption in car and truck fleets. All large buildings cool their buildings with chillers and cooling towers and they are kept scale-free with harmful chemicals. The problem is that the exposure associated with these chemicals is inevitable. When these chemicals blow off the roof they end up in our waterways and end up being breathed in by the public. The contaminated water is also supposed to be discarded properly and that doesn’t always occur. Our unit was created to solve this problem and does so very effectively. Our unit de-scales and kills all contaminants without the need for any chemicals. If we can install these units on all the buildings currently using chemicals than our environment will benefit for years to come.

Contact: Dan

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Go-Green Technology Corp.
Location: Norwalk, CT
Contact: Dan Bishop
One of our first installs was located in the south at a hog farm (High Ridge Farm) in Grimesland, South Carolina where the thee mile radius surrounding the town was overwhelmed by the smell of sewage and the farm itself couldn’t properly operate because of scale buildup and diseases on the water
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