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Fodor Farm Farmers Market

Contact Info

Name: John Plasko
Phone: 203-268-2716
Flax Hill Road


Fodor Farmers Market in South Norwalks is a new market this year. It was a farm that the city of Norwalk inherited. With many questions of what to do the town and local farmers market master John Plasko thought it best that it remain what it had always been a farm and a place for the community to gather. The community gardens will bring a vast amount of the community to the farm. The farmers will help with planting questions and will also help the community learn to turn there itams into a product. They will also be able to sell there product in the farmer.

The market will host an array of Connecticut's Farms and Local Vendors who use Connecticut Grown products in there specialty.


Fodor Farm Flax Hill Road South Norwalk
Sunday from 12:00 till 4:00 PM.

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