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Town and County Recycling Programs Across America

Category: Recycling

Initiative Objective:

CRRA Garbage Museum, Stratford, CT

Initiative Objective

Protecting our environment, through responsible disposal of trash and hazardous waste takes a concerted effort from all of us. We need our town and city governments and local businesses to provide services, and as citizens we need to actively use these services to protect our natural resources as well as the health and wellness of our communities.

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Marshall County Recycle Depot
Location: Plymouth, IN
Contact: Mike Good
To achieve conservation of naturalresources, environmental preservation, encourage recycling efforts,and other opportunities for waste reduction Marshall County’s Recycle Depotprovides an environmentally and socially responsible way to keephazardous and other problem materials out of the waste stream
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U-CYCLE, Urbana's Residential Recycling Program
Location: Urbana, IL
Contact: Courtney Rushforth
Recycling services provided to allresidents of Urbana (single and multi-family)
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Bart Hagston

City of Urbana

Urbana, IL

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