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Marshall County Recycle Depot

Contact Info

Name: Mike Good
Phone: 574-935-8618
1900 Walter Glaub Drive


Recycling Depot-Plymouth Indiana


To achieve conservation of natural
resources, environmental preservation, encourage recycling efforts,
and other opportunities for waste reduction

Marshall County’s Recycle Depot
provides an environmentally and socially responsible way to keep
hazardous and other problem materials out of the waste stream. In
addition to accepting common recyclables such as paper, plastic,
glass, and metal, the Recycle Depot collects tires, appliances,
electronic waste, hazardous household waste, sharps, expired meds, and
numerous other problem materials. They also have a “swap shop”
where residents can take items free of charge. The Recycle Depot even
provides computers to those in need at no cost to residents of
Marshall County.

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