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Stevens Forward! Destiny Driver 8

Category: Energy

Initiative Objective:

Earth Day Sustainability Event, 'Cocoa, Cookies, and Carbon Neutrality', featuring community and university sustainability teams raising awareness about energy reduction initiatives in Stevens County, MN. Attendees also enjoyed solar oven snacks.

Initiative Objective

Stevens Forward! is an effort among five
small towns in West Central Minnesota aiming to promote a brighter
future for their rural county. This organization has fourteen 'destiny
drivers' that promote the sustainability and economic viability of the
community. Driver 8 states that "by 2015, Stevens County will be the
first carbon neutral county in the world, demonstrating viable models
for green housing, neighborhoods and public buildings". Community
members and students from the University of Minnesota, Morris are
currently working to achieve this mission by calculating the carbon
footprint of the county and educating community members about their
role in reducing energy use within their homes, transportation and
food systems. 


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Cookies, Cocoa, and Carbon Neutrality
Location: Morris, MN
Contact: Melissa Kloek
As part of the Americorps Students inService Program, two students from the University of Minnesota, Morrisorganized and implemented a community sustainability fair for StevensCounty residents
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