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scienceFIST Foundation-Hanson Park School, Chicago

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Name: Co-Founder Marc Hans


The scienceFIST Foundation was founded by Marc Hans and Colin Robinson in January 2010 as a way of engaging and exciting people about scientific inquiry and as a rally cry to push young people towards new levels of scientific discovery.

The mission of scienceFIST is to empower at risk students through hands on after school science mentoring programs that transform students into leaders.

What is the scienceFIST? The scienceFIST is that feeling you get every time you learn something new, discover something, or do something you thought you couldn't. That feeling compels you to ball your hand into a fist, and pump that fist in the air in celebration of the achievement. THAT'S the scienceFIST.

The scienceFIST foundation is dedicated to bringing at risk students into the world of science through after schools STEM mentoring programs.  By linking schools with STEM program providers we broaden the reach of STEM education into communities traditionally overlooked by science.

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