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School Gardens

Category: Food

Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

Schools across the country are establishing vegetable gardens and teaching children where food comes from and how to eat in a more healthful way..

The gardens have an educational and lifelong impact on the children as well as those who help, work, and support the gardens. From seed to table the process nurtures the earth, nurtures the soul of the gardener, and feeds the body. What could do more?


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Location: Stamford, CT
Contact: Pam Sloane
GIVE is a Stamford-wide project inspiredand directed by Pam Sloane of OG with the goal of establishing vegetable gardens in all of the schools
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GIVE:Greenwich Catholic School
Contact: Pam Sloane
Pam Neal of Stamford, whose childrenattend Greenwich Catholic School, offered to be the lead in the GIVEproject for GCS
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The Edible Schoolyard Project
Location: Fairfield County, CT
Contact: Annelise McCay
Program Administrator: Annelise McCay Grade Level: Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School Students Served: 2,000-5,000 Program Type: Organic Garden, Organic School Lunch Reform, Academic Classroom We are a collection of school gardens in the Fairfield Public School System
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Location: Texas, TX
Contact: Kara Masharani
Urban Harvest: Growing Houston's Classrooms Location: Houston, Texas Contact: Kara Masharani; 713
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scienceFIST Foundation-Hanson Park School, Chicago
Location: Chicago, IL
Contact: Co-Founder Marc Hans
The scienceFIST Foundation was founded by Marc Hans and Colin Robinson in January 2010 as a way of engaging and exciting people about scientific inquiry and as a rally cry to push young people towards new levels of scientific discovery
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Urban Sprouts
By cultivating school gardens in San Francisco’s under-served neighborhoods, Urban Sprouts partners with youth and their families to build eco-literacy, equity, wellness, and community
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The Giving Garden / Seeds of Living Education, Inc.
Location: Hamburg, NY
Contact: Tricia Miller
A school based community garden
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Advisors for School Gardens : what is this?

Annelise McCay

Fairfield School Gardens & Fairfield Organic Teaching Farm

Fairfield, CT

Marc Hans

The scienceFIST Organization

Chicago, IL

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Pheonix asked:
Hey! I am a middle schooler in Kentucky and I think you are a genius. GIVE sounds like a great idea! i read your blog and have been researching a bunch of ways to get it started here in Kentucky. I also sent you an email about getting it started here. thanks again for sharing this ingenious idea!
Pam Sloane answered:

Hi Pheonix, I'd be happy to send you my initial notice and lots of other info if you'd like it. Actually, much is available on my blog. You may e-mail me at psloane22@gmail.com I'm excited for you. Research. Find a teacher or 2 who will work with you. Get approval from the superintendent of schools. This a volunteer concept. No money, but lots of cooperation. Recycled tools. Get a bunch of kids. Choose a very sunny location. Get someone to donate lumber to build raised beds... Start composting. Start growing. I taught in middle schools for 30 years. Middle schoolers are the BEST!

Jay asked:
Can you please send me some links to this program. I would like to send it to my son's middle school to see if they are interested in starting it. I would love to be one of the volunteers. Sincerely, Jay Iyer jayshreeraju@yahoo.com
Pam Sloane answered:

Hi Jay, Thrilled to learn of your interest. i am happy to share anything and everything I have from start-up to present stages of our first veg gardens in 18 different schools in Stamford,CT. Please e-mail me directly at psloane22@gmail.com or go to my blog: inthegardenwithGIVE.blogspot.com or call me 203 637 8343 Where do you live? Pam


Hi Jay, I have contacted the G.I.V.E contact person and hope to have information to you soon. Thanks!

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