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Green Demolitions

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Recycling luxury for recovery


Green Demolitions sells recycled kitchens, appliances, bathroom fixtures, architectural elements, home decor, and more from houses being demolished and renovated nationwide. Green Demolitions is the donation program of Recovery Unlimited, supporting a worldwide addiction recovery outreach. Green Demolitions is "green" three ways: Green # 1 - Financial gain-everybody saves some "greenbacks" - donors, consumers, and industry professionals. Green #2 - Protection for the environment: landfill waste reduction, associated energy cost savings, and forestry preservation. Green #3 - Earning the money to support the worldwide addiction recovery outreach projects. "When you think about something being thrown out, sometimes that's where the opportunity is," says Steve Feldman, President and Founder of Green Demolitions. He estimates that his company keeps 2 million pounds of debris out of the landfills each year.

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