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To provide gatherings for Northeast Ohio's leaders to share their passion for sustainability, make connections for strategic collaboration, find 'green' jobs, and socialize!

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Why is Green Drinks Back?

"Recognizing the need for sustainability professionals and those passionate about sustainability to get together on a regular basis, we are proud to announce the re-birth of Cleveland Green Drinks. Our goal is to provide a space that welcomes both practitioners and those interested in sustainability with the sole purpose of networking and socializing. We will not have any programming and this is intentional. Please join us to refresh and learn what others are doing to build a sustainable economy in NE Ohio." - Beau Daane

Thanks to our core group of Green Drinkers:

Emma Anderson, General Manager, North Union Farmers Market, Meg Ansley, Sustainability Analyst, KeyBank, Victoria Avi, Adjunct Faculty, Monte Ahuja College of Business, Stephanie Corbett, Director of Sustainability, Case Western Reserve University, Beau Daane, Director, Fowler Center for Sustainable Value at the Weatherhead School of Management, Matt Gray, Director, Mayor's Office of Sustainability, City of Cleveland, Grace Heffernan, Project Coordinator, NorTech, Michele Kilroy, LEED AP, Executive Director, Northeast Ohio Chapter of the USGBC, Meghan Riesterer, CEM, LEED BD+C, MCCo Director of Sustainability, Lyndy Rae Rutkowski, Business Manager, Parker Hannifin 

Who we are: Cleveland Green Drinks is a social event where emerging and established community leaders network and link ideas to create a concentrated effort of positive change in our region. Lyndy Rutkowski founded Cleveland Green Drinks in 2004 to create a monthly event for sustainability-conscious community members to socialize and network. Lyndy and North Union Farmers Market are proud to collaborate on Cleveland Green Drinks going forward.

What we do: Every few months Cleveland Green Drinks meets at locally-owned restaurants in and around Cleveland. Our gathering is an opportunity to socialize with other interesting and involved individuals while enjoying fantastic food & drink. Sharing of ideas, networking, and plans for collaboration naturally occur - but is not forced.

Cleveland Green Drinks and the local economy: Cleveland Green Drinks supports the local economy because we solely meet at locally owned establishments; cycling cash back into the pockets of local chefs, farmers, brewers, and artisans. Get involved with Cleveland's Green Drinks group and you will soon find yourself amongst insightful, well connected, and fun loving professionals that can't help but integrate their passion for their work in every aspect of their lives!

To join Cleveland Green Drinks: (1) Email greendrinkscleveland@gmail.com from the email address you'd like your invite to be sent to and write "GREEN DRINKS SIGN-UP" in the subject line (2) Come to an upcoming event - date & location on Facebook (3) Sign up on our Facebook page: 

Cleveland is not the place it used to be... {Burning River or "Mistake on the Lake" joke here}. Cleveland is now home to a large concentration of environmental & social organizations, world renowned hospitals & Universities & cultural events, and the region boasts a myriad of public parks and gardens. Cleveland is one of the most philanthropic cities in the US which is demonstrated by the number of innovative companies, organizations, and projects in the region. Clevelanders no longer hang their heads over the infamous episodes of the Cuyahoga River burning - we now raise our glasses in celebration of the transformation that has taken place. Lest not forget that one of the direct results of the Cuyahoga River burning was the creation of the Clean Water Act, est.1972! What would the US be like without that?! 

About North Union Farmers Market: North Union Farmers Market champions the local foods of Northeast Ohio and promotes their environmental, economic and health benefits by connecting certified producers with consumers through a network of markets. North Union operates authentic, certified, producer-only markets and also offer related programming to encourage consumers and farmers to participate in the markets in order to: - Teach consumers about the taste and health benefits of eating fresh, locally grown seasonal produce, carrying on the traditions of the North Union Shakers. - Improve the regional economy by creating vibrant community spaces. - Enhance our environment and economy by enabling small farms to sell directly to consumers. www.northunionfarmersmarket.org

About "Green Drinks"

Network and socialize about "green" at these monthly events. Green Drinks began is 1989 at the Slug and Lettuce, London England and there are now hundreds of these events all over the world!

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