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Frederick County Green Homes Challenge

Category: Energy

Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

A sustainable community starts at home and the Green Homes Challenge helps residents take action at home to save energy, adopt green lifestyle practices, and use renewable energy. The initiative is comprised of three corresponding challenges and certification programs: Power Saver, Green Leader and Renewable Star. If you’re concerned about -- • Rising energy costs or utility bills, • Declining quality of life for your children and grandchildren, • The impacts of climate change or environmental degradation, or • Our national energy supply and security, then, it is time to turn that concern into personal action right in your own home. The Challenge will inspire and guide you to do just that! Your household’s energy use and routine living habits do make a difference! We’ll provide resources and activities that will make it easy to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home and save you some real green! Whether you’ve been held back by a lack of information, financial resources, or personal motivation… whether you prefer to do-ityourself or work with a mentor or group… whether you want to certify your home or not… the Challenge provides everything you need to get started and take action.

Contact: Sabrina Harder

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