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Palo Alto Community Farmshop

Contact Info

Name: Kathleen Podrasky
Phone: 650-464-0222
250 Hamilton Avenue


Stop by or sign up to buy fresh local produce at the new Palo Alto Community Farmshop! Every Wednesday afternoon at City Hall King Plaza, 4pm-6pm, beginning April 22 through October 2009. As part of our Citys commitment to sustainability and connecting people in our community, please stop by to pick up a selection of organic, locally grown produce from Capay Valley Growers or sign up to receive a box of produce delivered directly from the farm to you at City Hall King Plaza each Wednesday. If you choose to sign up, the two box sizes that you can select from a bushel (large) or a peck (small) feature an assortment of seasonal vegetables and fruits. You will be able to swap out any veggies you do not like, browse for anything extra you need, and have an opportunity to chat with the farmers who grow the food as well as City staff and other people from downtown businesses.

April-October, Every Wednesday from 4pm-6pm, Palo Alto City Hall King Plaza.

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