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The GreenTowns Team

GreenTowns.com is owned and hosted by AmericanTowns.com, L.L.C., under the direction and commitment of the following individuals in alphabetical order:

Ted Buerger - Chairman
Ted is a successful executive and social entrepreneur. He is co-founder and Chairman of AmericanTowns.com, L.L.C. and was previously co-founder of four other successful national businesses. Ted also serves on the board of the Western New York Foundation, Westchester Community Foundation, and the Welfare to Work Foundation (of which he was a founder), and was previously chairman of the non-partisan Center for the Study of the Presidency. He has a special passion for community, for the Hudson River and for using new media to bring people together around shared concerns.

Edward Panian – President, Technology
From the earliest days of AmericanTowns, Ed has been engineering the seamless merger between our content and the easy-to-use technology users love. As Co-President, Technology, he oversaw creation of the "local platform" launched in 2008 to provide rich local information to each of 15,000 towns, covering 85% of the US population, and then implemented a proprietary system that organizes and presents key local information according to its geographic and contextual relevance. Ed oversees all facets of new product development, search marketing and optimization, ops and infrastructure, and is applying all these capabilities to GreenTowns.

Jim Maglione – President, Community
Jim's long involvement with high-profile, community-related companies makes him a natural for AmericanTowns, where he oversees development of content and outreach. He was Director of Development for Save the Children, and before that, a chief Sales Manager for Reader's Digest Children's Publishing. These positions threw a big spotlight on his gifts for team-building, grassroots marketing and developing really cool content. Jim's passion for community doesn't end when he shuts the lights out in his office: he's an active volunteer with Meals On Wheels, the Norwalk (CT) Emergency Shelter and other groups.

Bekim Sejdic, Community Director
Bekim has been with AmericanTowns since 2000, working directly with community organizations nationwide. When he's not working with our network of AmericanTowns community groups, he's hip-deep in web design or growing his impressive collection of horror and cult movies.

Mark Wratten – Chief Technology Officer
Mark has over 25 years experience in the Information Technology business. Prior to joining AmericanTowns, he was Vice President of Research & Development at circle.com. He began his career at British Telecom where he was responsible for designing high-reliability amplifiers. Subsequently he was co-founder of one of the first companies in the U.K. to distribute and support the then new Personal Computers. After moving to the U.S. he worked at a number of prestigious firms including, J.P. Morgan and AT&T Bell Laboratories, where he was responsible for developing many large and complex software applications. Mark keeps AmericanTowns.com and GreenTowns.com humming smoothly.

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