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Harry asked:
Where is the Grassfed Beef?
Analiese Paik answered:

Harry, where are you located? Typically local farmers' markets have a grass-fed meat vendor. Also check on Local Harvest for farm listings near you or ones that ship. Next I'd look for a local, artisan butcher. We have Saugatuck Craft Butchery in Westport, CT. Next try Mrs. Greens or Whole Foods.

tanya asked:
Are there any programs to help me financially to green my home?
Chris Lobdell answered:

Hi Tanya, Yes, there are a couple programs in the state of Connecticut. Home Energy Solutions is a program started and supported by the CT Energy Efficiency Fund and the utility companies that subsidizes energy audits for homes. This is a good way to get started and to find out what efficiency improvements make sense for your home. Connecticut, through the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority , also has up front rebates to invest in solar electric and thermal for your home. These, along with a 30% tax credit and financing options allows you to make an affordable investment in solar. For more information please give us a call at (203) 642-4105 and we can help you get started. Thank you, Chris Lobdell PurePoint Energy (203) 642-4105

Fern asked:
How aquire a plot of land to start a comunity garden in Forest Park, Georgia?
John Calandrelli answered:

There are details to be worked out but it certainly can be done. These details include (but are not limited to (just got to love that legalese): funding, who owns the land, what is it zoned for, is there remediation needed, who covers liability issues, taxes owed if any, etc. These details will be different state-to-state. As far as funding is concerned, you can start on the internet under grant funders like the TKF Foundation.(410 Severn Ave. Suite 216, Annapolis MD 21403, www.tkffdn.org) In many towns and cities, officials may be willing to work a deal on a space because a community garden will help with local appeal and property values. It may also get a blighted spot of their books because of the volunteer work needed to clean up a site. (the soil should be tested so you don't grow anything in tainted ground) Abandoned property can be a good place to make a deal with the city if the city wishes to pass on the clean up and liability issues to someone else willing to take them on.

Cathy asked:
What's the most challenging thing for the average consumer when going green?
Etta Kantor answered:

Hello Cathy, I believe one of the most challenging things that the average consumer faces when going green is dealing with higher costs. It requires some creative thinking, shopping around and making compromises. But the more we support "green" products the lower the costs will be. Thank you, Etta

Marie asked:
How do I find out my city's (Albany, NY) carbon emissions? They have a lot of talk about reducing emissions to 1990 levels, but I have not been able to find information on what those levels were in 1990, or what they are now or have been recently.
David Downie answered:

That is an excellent question. The only source of such information would be the town. 1990 levels for a town or for most states are just a guess. At the national level, the US submitted its 1990 level as part of the UNFCCC. To find out about Albany, I would suggest asking town officials if any Greenhouse Gas Emissions survey exists. If they did one for a recent year, it is possible they have created an estimate for the past.

Lisa asked:
How can I find a "green home" builder in my area?
David Popoff answered:

Lisa here are some websites to help you find a local builder who specializes in green building techniques, materials and designs. 1. The National Assoc. of Home Builders (NAHB) has a Certified Green Professional (CGP) designation for builders. Here is a link to find local CGP’s in your region. http://www.nahb.org/directory.aspx?sectionID=1434&directoryID=1415 2. The National Assoc. of Realtor’s also has a Green designation for real estate agents. http://www.greenresourcecouncil.org/find_an_nar_green_designee.cfm 3. U.S. Green Building Council has LEED AP Homes designation for architects, builders, consultants. https://ssl12.cyzap.net/gbcicertonline/onlinedirectory/ https://ssl12.cyzap.net/dzapps/dbzap.bin/apps/assess/webmembers/tool 4. Energy Star program for homes by the US government. http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?fuseaction=new_homes_partners.locator

Pete Fusaro answered:

Lisa, I'm currently building a house with multiple certifications,located in Old Greenwich Connecticut. I would be interested in taking a look at your plans. Pete F. www.preferredbuilders.biz

Chuck Lohre answered:

Go to your local U.S. Green Building Council and they will send an email out to the members their region http://www.usgbc.org/FindaChapter/ChapList.aspx. You could also find LEED homes in your area by searching the database at http://www.usgbc.org/DisplayPage.aspx?CMSPageID=147#Lists . Each home project is assigned a LEED Rater and they can give you some references as well. http://www.usgbc.org/DisplayPage.aspx?CMSPageID=2528

Avery asked:
Hi! I'd like to introduce myself and my company, Smaller Earth. We are based out of Stamford and we're looking for volunteers to go to Zambia this summer and plant 10,000 trees and partake in the educational aspect of this initiative. Any thoughts on who might want to participate? Thanks for your time and have a great day, here is a description of the program: http://www.smallerearth.com/program/301/trees_for_zambia/
John Calandrelli answered:

Hi Avery Sounds like a great trip and a better way to see the world. There may be many Sierra members who would enjoy this kind of "vacation," however, I would have to check with our national office about the liability of advertising such a trip through our chapter. Call me when you get the chance: 860-236-4405 John C

tejash asked:
how is your produce grown
Glen Colello answered:

our produce is 100% organic. We try and get food at the farmers market when we can. We order from Baldor Organics, Sid Wainer as well

lexi asked:
What is the date of this month's green drinks?
Daphne Dixon answered:

Which Green Drinks?

Michael asked:
We don't see anything coming up on us when we put our zip code??
Patrice Gillespie answered:

Hello to Michael D'Angelo. I am passing your inquiry along to the web-meisters right now. What zip code/town do you represent, please? Thanks. Best, -- Patrice Gillespie of Clean Air Cool Planet in CT; pgillespie@cleanair-coolplanet.org