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tanya asked:
Are there any programs to help me financially to green my home?
Chris Lobdell answered:

Hi Tanya, Yes, there are a couple programs in the state of Connecticut. Home Energy Solutions is a program started and supported by the CT Energy Efficiency Fund and the utility companies that subsidizes energy audits for homes. This is a good way to get started and to find out what efficiency improvements make sense for your home. Connecticut, through the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority , also has up front rebates to invest in solar electric and thermal for your home. These, along with a 30% tax credit and financing options allows you to make an affordable investment in solar. For more information please give us a call at (203) 642-4105 and we can help you get started. Thank you, Chris Lobdell PurePoint Energy (203) 642-4105

Marie asked:
How do I find out my city's (Albany, NY) carbon emissions? They have a lot of talk about reducing emissions to 1990 levels, but I have not been able to find information on what those levels were in 1990, or what they are now or have been recently.
David Downie answered:

That is an excellent question. The only source of such information would be the town. 1990 levels for a town or for most states are just a guess. At the national level, the US submitted its 1990 level as part of the UNFCCC. To find out about Albany, I would suggest asking town officials if any Greenhouse Gas Emissions survey exists. If they did one for a recent year, it is possible they have created an estimate for the past.

Michael asked:
We don't see anything coming up on us when we put our zip code??
Patrice Gillespie answered:

Hello to Michael D'Angelo. I am passing your inquiry along to the web-meisters right now. What zip code/town do you represent, please? Thanks. Best, -- Patrice Gillespie of Clean Air Cool Planet in CT; pgillespie@cleanair-coolplanet.org

Charles asked:
I am embarking on two construction projects for our local library. They are a remodeling project for the Friends of the Library's bookstore building and an expansion/remodeling project of the library. As part of those efforts, I want to understand how we can ensure we are not creating a new energy burden for the town, as well as how to provide better insulation and lighting for both sites as we progress. Is our answer solar power, geothermal or a combination? Is it also window replacemen

Wow. Look at the great information provided. Yes, there are many things you can do so not to increase your energy consumption as well as eliminate it all together. For starters, you can consider the lighting solutions, insulation or energy efficiency of your building envelope. However, if you want to know the specific tax incentives, what State are you located? FYI, if you are going to go geothermal you need to insulate the building first. It needs to be as energy efficient as possible. Let's keep the conversation going!

Raymond Caddy answered:

Hello Charles, How are you doing? I appreciate your efforts to help local library. There are many things to take into consideration before deciding your "answer". I will try to give a quick rundown. Any combination of Solar and Wind is great and would help offset existing electrical load but very expensive. Upgrade lighting is a must and will lower electrical load but does not mean to go buy LED's twist light bulbs. There are other options like Fiber Optic Lighting, LED Replacement Tubes, LED Ceiling Panels, etc. But I think the lighting solution for Library would be Hybrid Solar Fiber Optic Lighting. It is designed to retro fitted with existing lights. The allow you to bring in sunlight into the interior through Fiber Optic Cables and still use existing Recess Lights of Fluorescent Fixtures only when needed. Consuming energy after install is less the a dollar a day and that is during operation. If a cloud goes over or if it is too dark sensor will automatically turn on lights at a slow setting. Not need to replace all lights unless budget allows and/or plans call for it. Allowing you to save money by not replacing with all new lights. There are grants & Tax Credits still available no matter which Green Technology Solution you decide but they are limited and getting lower, constantly changing but still good for Customers. So you really have to look at big picture to understand angle for long term goals. We can help you get there, you mentioned a limited financial burden. Our goal is to get Green Technology Solutions into people hands and homes as Efficient and Economically as possible with Craftsmanship, Care & Pride. I hope that helps for now, Our website (brightenyourhome.net) has follow up information on all the products above and more. Thank you and have a good day. Raymond Caddy Brighten Your Home

Nat asked:
I just inherited a farm in Alexandria, andam wondering how to get started in solar panels for electricity.
Nat Winston III answered:

I'm sorry, it is Alexandria, Tennessee. I am a retired, disabled, recently widowed 59 year old man who is trying to become as self sufficient and independent as i can.

Raymond Caddy answered:

Hello Nat, How are you doing? I am so sorry for delayed responses. You mentioned that you inherited a farm in Alexandria. What state is that in? You have a few install options giving the size of land. A tracking system would make the most sense to avoid shading and to follow the sun for summer and winter. also have open land allows you to buy cheaper but bigger panels compared to having to buy smaller but cost more to install on limited space allowed on roof. No need to worry about support of Solar Array or possible leaks most panel will last for over 25 years. There are a few other factors that would determine size and cost of system. Each system is custom to each house and to each home owner (Farm Owner). I would like to help if you have any more questions, but I would need to know more information. Thank you very much and have a goos day. Raymond Caddy Brighten Your Home


Carolyn should have an answer for you soon! Daphne