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Edward Hartz

Organization: The Milkman Company

Summary: Ed Hartz turned toward agricultural, including marine agriculture, after working in the business world for more than 25 years. A Villanova University graduate with background in Economics and other social sciences. Always interested in fitness and health but never quite knowing how to get involved in a way that had real meaning for himself until recently. Basically a man with Rachel Carson, Abe Lincoln, Alexis De Tocqueville, Thomas Paine, Lin Yutang (Author of The importance of Living), The Authors of The Good Society, and in good Agriculture people like Joel Salatin and Michael Schmidt and David Gumpert, Mark McAfee, Peter Kennedy and Sally Fallon as mentors and friends; Ed has found a way to do what he loves and have a potentially great business to share with others through distributorship business models by way of Milkman/Milk Lady delivery systems. Educating and empowering people to live by the truth through agriculture and the foods supplied thereof. After working his last venture in the stone restoration business, he is now attempting to restore something most important to him and so many others; our health and fitness as a community, family structure, brethren to each other, and the food supply. He would love to own and operate a farm one day to integrate land and sea in a biodynamic way for the surrounding community in addition to his own home with plant and animal friends all around him. Ed feels that if we do not take care of the land and sea very soon, then we will suffer even greater consequences than we have already encountered during the last decades of life on earth. a surviver of a near fatal motorcycle accident many years ago, he believes in real angels and not the kind that come to our rescue to give us funds we need to operate a new business venture. Ed believes that if we want to see the truth when it comes to our health and the environment, then we must act now. Time is running out. In the meantime Ed has decided to dedicate many years of his life now to this cause through a Milkman delivery service distribution model. Others are welcome to join him. He promises it not to bore you with a Boar's Head. Thank you. God Bless America one more time. The Milkman is back!


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