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Jane Wotton

Title: Founding Leader, Independent Consultant

Organization: NYR Organic

Expertise: Certified organic and natural skincare, aromatherapy


After graduating from the University of London, I began my career as a pharmacist, and worked in both hospital and retail settings for several years in the UK before moving to the US in 1993. I completed an MBA at UConn with a specialization in Health Care Administration in 1996, and worked with Ernst & Young in Hartford as a management consultant.

Although I enjoyed the corporate world, I missed the direct interaction with customers that retail work offers, and decided to look for a British brand that I could introduce to the US. I had long been a customer of Neal's Yard Remedies, and met with the founder, Romy Fraser, during a visit to London in 1996. I've worked with the brand since 1998 as a franchise owner and in various other roles. From the day I sold my first item all those years ago, I continue to be delighted with people’s love of the products and dedication to the brand. Neal’s Yard Remedies inspires extreme loyalty, due to its insistence on the very best ingredients, the most therapeutic formulations, and the most innovative products, while keeping true to its mission of empowering customers, sharing knowledge, and caring about its impact on the environment.

As an independent consultant with NYR Organic (the direct sales division of Neal's Yard Remedies) I have combined my goals of educating people to make healthier shopping choices by reading labels and asking questions, and representing a brand with integrity that wants to make a difference.


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