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Kathryn Hebert

Organization: City of Norwalk

Summary: Kathryn has over 25 years as a seasoned Senior Manager with experience in fiscal and financial management, marketing, organizational, strategic planning and administrative skills for various organizations and large departments. Working for the City of Norwalk she is successful in forming alliances with municipal commissions and across sectors by educating and directing groups for mutual economic benefit toward a sustainable future. She previously worked for the City and County of Denver as an Asset Manager managing the city’s real estate portfolio. Kathryn provides oversight, leadership and management for the Norwalk Parking Authority framing realistic solutions to encourage and assist the City’s economic vitality by creating marketing, neighborhood relations, advocacy and sustainable programs through business and community development, balancing business needs with political realities and policy direction. She has served successfully on various community non-profit boards providing skilled leadership and fundraising balances such as the United Way, March of Dimes and most recently on the Board of Governors for the Norwalk Symphony. Serving as the Business Liaison for the Norwalk Arts Commission, Kathryn successfully increased awareness and position by developing opportunities to establish the creative economy. She also freelances as a Peer Advisor Consultant with the State of Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism and makes time to serve as an Ambassador with the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce by actively recruiting and retaining memberships through networking opportunities, media exposure and marketing. Kathryn has a Doctorate in Business Administration, Masters in Public Administration-Finance and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Biology from the University of Colorado. Having lived in Europe, New York and Colorado, she now resides in Connecticut with her husband and daughter.


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