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Emily Brooks

Title: Founder, Edibles Advocate Alliance

Organization: Edibles Advocate Alliance


Emily Brooks is the revolutionary new face of the local food and sustainable agriculture movements throughout the United States. Founder of Edibles Advocate Alliance, a nationwide consulting company, Emily nurtures social entrepreneurs who support local agriculture, sustainable farming, and sustainable food systems, and passionately believes in changing the social norm towards agricultural sustainability and development through education and coalition building. Emily Brooks and the EA Alliance nurtures social entrepreneurs & social innovators to build local, living economies and to: Construct local food webs & Raise sustainable community food systems, Create sustainable businesses & Employ sustainable marketing solutions, Connect their communities to the sustainability movement, Implement corporate environmental & sustainability solutions, Engage in local agriculture, and Utilize Clean Energy Solutions and Sustainable Energy Resources to reduce environmental impact. She is the author of Connecticut FARMER & FEAST, the creator of Shared Harvest CT, and is a regular "local food & sustainability expert" on the Colin McEnroe Show. Emily is also a member of the Sustainable Stamford Coalition and is a Beginning Women Farmers & Whole Farm Planning Mentor with Holistic Management International, and is a Mentor and Trainer with the Cooperative Development Institute and an Instructor at the CT Cooperative Business Academy. Emily Brooks specializes in Sustainable Business Services, Sustainable Marketing Solutions, Entrepreneurial Training, Workplace & Community Sustainability Programming, and Corporate Sustainability & Environmental Education. She is a Certified Educator with NxLevel, a Certified Professional with HubSpot, an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional, and is a consultant for Coleman Research Group, Gerson Lehrman Group, and Guidepoint Global Advisors.


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