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Dan Delvental

Title: Founder

Organization: MowGreen

Expertise: Sustainable Lawncare, Lawncare without Gasoline, Reel Mowers, Solar, Hydrogen


200 Tons of Air pollution avoided, or the 1 Million auto-equivalent emission miles, by mowing 600 acres without gasoline. Currently serving New Haven, Westchester and Fairfield Counties. We will expand until Gas is Gone from the Lawn! MowGreen Gets the Gas Off the Grass with fitness innovations like the Triple Reel2Reel push gang. 54 Yr. old founder Dan Delventhal mowed two acres in 4 hours to demonstrate people powered reel mowing's feasibilty. Green Lawncare. Reel Mowing. Solar-charged battery powered Mowing, Trimming, Blowing. Gasoline to Hydrogen conversion. Growing Gasoline-Free lawncare business. Vision of a centrally supported nationwide-network of locally managed cooperatives, where commutes are short and most work is with people powered gear. After getting the gas off the grass, we want to move to assist with more food growing and less lawn mowing. The convergence of environmentalism, fitness and innovation on the lawn, bringing back Clean & Serene, No Gasoline is the goal.


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