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Robert Sojka

Organization: GPOD Dumpsters Rentals

Expertise: Refuse/Debris Disposal Dumping and Recycling Services


I'm Rob and I am in the business of Waste Management. I own and operate the GPOD, which is not your typical dumpster rental company. We take pride in our recycling as most if not all of the items sent to us are put to good us.

As stewards of our planet we have a huge responsibility - and one we take quite seriously. Behind every "Green" container is a company best defined for its commitment to ecology. In a nutshell, this means that all waste debris and refuse is handled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. We feel strongly that together, we can help preserve the environment. GPOD cares about the planet and wants to do their part to get it and keep it beautiful and "Green".

There is an ever-growing demand for dumpster rentals in Fairfield County. For our everyday garbage, home renovations and construction projects, dumpsters are becoming indispensable solutions in our disposal of huge bulks of wastes that small storages cannot handle. If you are one of those who needs a dumpster yet do know which one to rent, here’s a little guide for you: Estimate the amount of waste. Talk to a contractor, dumpster rental agent or someone from a home improvement store to calculate approximately how much waste you will dispose. You can also let them view some pictures of the property you will clean. After you have discussed your project’s scope, ask him how great a deal he thinks the debris will be and let him recommend the dimensions of the dumpster. Know the type of waste. Wastes can be classified into Household Debris, Clean Construction Debris, Clean Concrete, Soil/Dirt, Stump and Brush. Most of them cannot be mixed in a single dumpster. A good dumpster rental company can provide you with a dumpster for the type of waste you will dispose. If you are having problems with hazardous or multiple types of wastes, ask your dumpster rental service provider on how to dispose them. Measure the size of the dumpster. The size of the dumpster you need will depend on the amount and weight of the wastes. Dumpsters can be 1-30 cubic yards, where each cubic yard can carry upto 150 lbs. Roll off dumpsters, or those large and wheeled cans, are ideal for house renovation, commercial projects and construction cleanups. Trash container dumpsters, which range from 2 to 8 yards, are usually utilized in residential buildings, stores and restaurants. Plan the place for the dumpster. If you have already assessed the size of your future dumpster, ensure that it will be appropriately placed. Its area should be accessible enough while yet not sacrificing your parking space. It should also be situated where you can accessibly reach it and where it can be easily picked up. Take note that most dumpsters are tall and large, and so you must provide a temporary, sturdy step to reach the opening of its containers. There are several dumpster rental services in Fairfield County and Connecticut State. It is also best to choose one that will guarantee the wastes’ segregation, ecological disposal and possible recycling. This way, not only we can address our pressing waste management needs, but we can also keep Fairfield County “clean and green”.

You have invested some money for renting the dumpster and, of course, wouldn’t want intruders to exploit it. To secure it from the scouring of trespassers and divers, place the dumpster in an apt spot where only those who are allowed to use can access it. Have it positioned in a well-constructed area, which must be gated and sheltered whenever practicable. A “No Illegal Dumping” sign can also put off all unauthorized divers and dumpers.

The following are the other arrays of signs that can keep the dumpster and wastes in it properly managed:
• A “Dumpster Rules” sign will teach your community on what can be disposed into the dumpster. Environment-friendly and safe dumping practices can start with signs such as Household Debris Only, Clean Construction Debris Only, Clean Concrete Only, Green Only or Soil Only. Remember that hazardous wastes, when stored inside a dumpster, become toxic pollutants. Certain chemicals can also turn the dumpster into a potential bomb in case of fire.

• The “Recycle” sign shall clearly point that the dumpster is for recyclable wastes only. Recyclable wastes include metal scraps, cardboard, plastic, asphalt and CMU block.

• Bilingual dumpster signs have twice the impact to a community that is significantly composed of people who read and understand only a language other than English.

Stray animals must not be taken for granted because they can cause some serious dumpster-related headaches. These animals are easily attracted to smelly garbage and food odors from dumpsters. Luckily, they can be turned off by doubly-bagging the stinking wastes or using deodorizers to lessen food odors. Spreading a small amount of ammonia on the dumpster’s lids and covers will do such trick. If stray animals can still sneak into a fenced and deodorized dumpster, position it in a more secure location and separately dispose the spilled garbage or attractants.

Really large animals, such as bears, can damage dumpsters and other structures. In fact, bear hunting plans recently surfaced in Connecticut after an 82-year old Windsor man killed a bear that damaged his bird feeder. Some dumpster rental services in Fairfield County, Connecticut do provide bear-proof dumpsters.

Wastes should be as well sealed in trash bags before being tossed in – and should never be left outside the dumpster. Also, please do not ignore an overflowing bin. You can always ring your dumpster rental service company for any needed pick-up, repair and cleaning.

The things that you ought to do to maintain a rented dumpster are very minimal compared its tremendous benefits. These to-do’s do not only protect the dumpster, but also prevent damage against your properties. Your extra care will help your roll-off service in Fairfield County do its job while it and its dumpster work for you.


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