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Seth Leitman

Title: The Green Living Guy

Organization: Green Living Guy Productions and ETS Energy Store, LLC

Expertise: Green guru guides consulting editor with McGraw-Hill.


My name is Seth Leitman and I had always been known in “green circles” as THAT GREEN LIVING GUY.  I am that guy that answers questions “people are afraid to ask” about Going Green. I guess that’s why they call me The Green Living Guy. http://www.greenlivingguy.com

Author and Editor

I am the Author of Build Your Own Electric Vehicle and Editor of the Green Guru Guides for McGraw-Hill Professional.

These guides focus on implementing environmentally friendly technologies and making them work for you.

How I have Helped New York and The World Go Green

I worked for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) on marketing and managing alternative-fueled vehicle (AFV) and electric vehicle (EV) programs throughout the State of New York.  At NYSERDA, I was the Project Manager for the Clean Fuel Bus Program that funded over $100 million to the incremental cost of alternative fueled vehicle buses.
I learned about green buildings andindoor air quality in schools and how it children and asthma rates; having an indirect impact on environmental justice. Then I knew: school buses and the school own energy consumption affect the bottom line, indoor air quality for the students and pollution from power plants.
In 2000, I worked for the New York Power Authority (NYPA) where he created the NYPA/TH!NK Clean Commute Program which leased 100 electric vehicles in the New York Metropolitan Area. This program was covered by USA Today, Associated Press, Reuters, New York Times, CNN, Good Morning America, the Today Show, and others. This is the largest electric vehicle station car program worldwide. While at NYPA, Seth also worked on the donation program for low speed vehicles.
I also worked with the two large low speed electric vehicle companies in the United States.  They were Global Electric Motor Cars (GEM) and the TH!NK Neighbor (previously from Ford Motor Company) all across New York State. From Brooklyn to Western New York we placed thousands of these cars to spread them around for people to see and appreciate electric cars (in one shape or form).
While at NYPA, I even had the pleasure to work with New York City of Transportation staff that I knew to assist the Energy Services unit at NYPA to implement the change out of traffic lights from incandescent to light emitting diodes (LED).  That gave me the green lighting bug.
LED Traffic Light in London from Wikipedia. I did it to help NYC. Cool.
Green Celebrity, Reporter, Eco Consultant and More
Recently, I was even interviewed for Take Part, a web site that offers “in-depth, unbiased information to a diverse audience in a way that lets people learn, form opinions, reach out to others and take actions that have real impact in the world.”
To read the author interview, please click Here.  I know it is for me going to the Sundance Film Festival.  That one was interesting..

Yet, I always thought there was more to what I was trying to convey to the end users of the green technologies, energy efficient products or simple things that being green.  It’s everything we do can and should be green for green living sake..

Now I am Managing Member for a consulting company: ETS Energy Store, LLC to help people, companies and government on how to go green and live greener and provide green living opportunities.  I try to help clients ask a third party about their audits, lighting change-outs or whatever they are working on to Go Green, Save Green and Learn To Love Green Living (Saving Cash That Is!!!)
Check out all of the books in the Green Guru Guides and Build Your Own Electric Vehicle click here.
As the Green Living Guy, I also write, do video, blog, interview as well as national and international reporting worldwide.  From Planet Green.com, The Daily Green, Greenopia.com, Mother Earth News.com and The Green Living Guy
Radio Host
Now I’m even hosting a REALLY FUN AND FUNNY blog talk radio show at The Green Living Guy Show.
Published Government and Electric Car Reports
For creds, yes I am also published with the Electric Power Research Institute and the US Department of Energy and the NY State Energy Research and Development Authority.
In addition, when I did my Masters Degree for Comparative International Development, I had the Advisor to the President of the World Bank and Former US Congressman Matthew McHugh attend my graduate school The Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy.

So, that is why I am considered the Green Living Guy. I’m not perfect.  I am just a guy.  However, if we can make everyone green gurus then that is some good green living.


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