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Yelm Community Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Category: Land & Conservation

Initiative Objective:

Yelm Backyard Wildlife


  • Educate the community about backyard wildlife habitats.
  • Create and certify neighborhood wildlife habitats in the 98597 zip code.
  • Promote sustainable gardening.
  • Promote the use of native plants.
  • Educate and share information about water conservation.
  • Share our community with others!

Initiative Objective

Yelm is a diverse community comprised of riparian and prairie habitat located on four watersheds and near two rivers: Deschutes River and the Nisqually River. Yelm covers 954 square miles and its latest census suggests over 6,000 residents. Yelm Backyard Wildlife is helping to create a Certified Community Wildlife Habitat Team in Yelm and its surrounding communities.  Join us in creating, preserving, enhancing, and restoring wildlife habitat by providing food, water, shelter, and places to raise young - one yard at a time.


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