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Walkable Communities

Category: Transportation

Initiative Objective:

Courtesy; Walk Score

Initiative Objective

Walkable communities support a holistic approach to town and city planning and focus on people and how to create environments that encourage walking, biking and the use of public transporttaion. To be successful, a intergated group of people including  elected leaders, city staff, activists, students, seniors, professionals and the business community should be involved. 

Think how much cleaner our cities would be if we could walk, and bike, to our favorite shops and restaurants and leave our car behind when we run errands? We’d all be healthier and our cities and towns would be more livable, sustainable and socially welcoming places.


League of American Bicyclists

Walk Score: City and Neighborhood Walkability Ratings

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Fairfield Bike/Walk Coalition
In January 2010, Kirstin Etela, Nikki Kenney and Alyssa Israel formed the FBWC board of directors
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Walkable Community, Port Townsend, Washington
By being walk- and bike- friendly, Port Townsend WA, encourages greener, healthier living; and a friendlier community
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Alyssa Israel

Fairfield Bike/Walk Coalition

Fairfield, CT

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