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Walkable and Livable Communities Institute-Raleigh, North Carolina

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Hillsborough Street is an important state trunk line, connecting the Capitol Building in downtown Raleigh to the state fair grounds, and distant neighborhoods. The street transverses one of the best older, historic and green neighborhoods.

Hillsborough Street is listed as the most dangerous state roadway for pedestrians. Packed with life, the road also serves as the town/gown interface between North Carolina State University, a commercial district and a historic neighborhood. Hillsborough Street is also an important link to new light rail transit.

The 1999 five-day charrette helped more than 500 people reach consensus on a significant roadway alteration, dropping five lanes to two in some sections and three lanes in others, plus dedicated turn lanes. A dozen roundabouts and many pedestrian, bicycle and transit amenities were proposed, and many were built. The project is through final design and several phases of construction are completed.

Our team worked on many issues and tasks including an overall village plan, a traffic management plan, place making and streetscaping, rebuild of key intersections, traffic calming, walkability, open space, transit operations, main street design and bicycling elements.

Contact: Nina Schlosberg, Neighborhood Activist (919) 971-6657 Raleigh, North Carolina

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