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The Responsible Bathroom Water Conservation Tour

Category: Water

Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

The Responsible Bathroom Water Conservation Tour is traveling the country now until October to reach out, educate and inform the public on ways to save water, energy and money without sacrifice. The national mobile marketing campaign is free and open to the public. The Tour, sponsored by American Standard®, has economic and ecological points on tap, including: • Hands-on demonstrations of the newest water and energy-saving showerheads, faucets, and toilets, as well as safety-oriented solutions like walk-in baths and hospital sinks. See how well our WaterSense® toilets and our powerful FloWise® showerheads perform. • Calculations of how much water, money, and energy consumers can save with efficient bathroom products. For instance, based on an average four-person household, using water-efficient products could amount to an annual savings of 36,456 gallons of water and $211. • The Tour’s partnerships with The Nature Conservancy and the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense® program.

Contact: Jenny Adkins

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The Responsible Bathroom Water Conservation Tour
Location: Loudon, NH
Contact: Jenny Adkins
The Responsible Bathroom Water Conservation Tour reached its water conservation goal of saving two billion gallons in 2010
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