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The Farm at Stratford

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Name: Elizabeth Howard
Phone: 203-854-5330
Pirhala Farm, Connors Lane


A Letter from Terry Backer - We are quickly losing the knowledge of our grandparents on how to produce and preserve our own food. These skills were and are essential to our personal survival. Many young people can only cook prepared foods in a microwave oven, let alone coach a plant from the life giving soil. It’s no secret that food prices have risen... we see it every time we shop. It also no secret that gas and oil prices are down now due to reduced consumption because of the economy. Modern agriculture relies on oil-based everything, from fertilizer to tractors, from tractor trailers to refrigeration’s. In fact, when you eat your meals, you are in many ways eating oil. At Soundkeeper it is our hope to help you reduce your food bills, your pollution footprint, learn sustainable practices and get healthier all at the same time. Our goal is to help localize as much of our food sources as we can. We hope to make “The Farm at Stratford” a place where we learn from each other. We are pleased to provide these services to the community and to have a great host community in Stratford and its residents.

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