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The Sustainable Northampton Comprehensive Plan

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Northampton has developed—over many months and with input from a wide variety of constituencies—a vision for its future as well the goals, principles and strategies required to support and implement that vision. This undertaking, called Sustainable Northampton, is a comprehensive plan that seeks to ensure the city can continue to meet its current and ongoing environmental, social and economic needs without compromising the future for succeeding generations.

As a practical matter, finite resources, coupled with a significant desire to better support a diverse and sustainable community, require the city to make choices about how best to use its natural, social, economic, and human resources. City residents and elected officials recognize that these choices are local decisions that will impact the natural environment, the community, and quality of life, and are intended to guide Northampton’s role locally, regionally, and globally.

Sustainable Northampton commits the city to becoming a model community for sustainable policies and practices.

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