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The Baltimore Sustainability Plan

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Sustainability, meeting the current environmental, social, and economic needs of our community without compromising the ability of future generations to meet these needs, represents a desire to pass on a world that is as good as, if not better than, we found it for our children and our children’s children.Recent economic, political, and cultural realities have prompted many cities, companies, and individuals to assess and reconsider their plans for long-term sustainability. The seriousness of climate change treats have never been more evident, demand for natural resources continues to escalate, and hopes for reigniting economic growth rest on investments in the emerging green economy. Recently ranked among the top ten most sustainable cities in the nation, Baltimore offers immense opportunity for sustainable living and development by virtue of its population density, significant public
infrastructure, and large, diverse stock of existing buildings. By improving Baltimore’s ability to offer healthy air and water, varied transportation options, job opportunities with good growth potential, and clean, safe recreational spaces, sustainable planning can help Baltimore attract and retain more residents, businesses, and investment. The Baltimore Sustainability Plan is designed as a resource to aid these efforts.

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