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Sustainable South Bronx

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Phone: (646) 400.5430
1231 Lafayette Avenue, 4th Floor


Sustainable South Bronx (SSBx) has established hope and opportunity for all residents within South Bronx and surrounding urban areas since 2001. The programs available for community members delivers integrated economic and environmental solutions. SSBx specializes in pairing economic and environmental solutions with preparing workers for jobs in the growing green collar field while laying the groundwork for healthier urban communities. The programs inspire economic growth through education and job training -- giving voices to all members of the community.

SSBX accomplishes goals through innovative Green Collar Workforce Training, Environmental Education, and Community Greening Initiatives: "Attacking rampant un- and under-employment in a community where nearly 30% of the population is unemployed. Creating access to jobs with living wages that offer opportunities for growth. Adding to the growing (local and national) green-collar workforce. Increasing residents’ consciousness of the community’s environmental degradation. Raising local awareness of the benefits of greening the community, and the many opportunities for citizen participation. Remediating environmental threats, through the activities of BEST and BEST for Buildings trainees and FabLab participants. Developing awareness of Environmental Justice issues, so workers and other residents can mobilize to protect and preserve their community".

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