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Sustainable Cleveland 2019

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Name: Jenita McGowan


Sustainable Cleveland 2019


Sustainable Cleveland 2019 (SC 2019) is
a 10-year initiative that engages everyone to work together to design
and develop a thriving and resilient Cleveland region that leverages
its wealth of assets to build economic, social, and environmental
well-being for all. It supports and aligns efforts that are already
being championed with intelligence and passion throughout the region
and it activates new efforts and new leadership along the way. SC2019
was founded in 2009 by Mayor Frank G. Jackson and is facilitated by
The City of Cleveland Office of Sustainability; it is powered by
community engagement and volunteerism. We host annual sustainability
summits and support the ongoing work of more than 350 community

Why 2019? On June 22, 1969 the eyes of the world turned to Cleveland.
That moment of attention triggered a mindshift across the US and
around the world. The infamous Cuyahoga River fire did two things –
it tragically tarnished Cleveland’s reputation, but more important,
it generated the Clean Water Act and mobilized the modern
environmental movement.

50 years later in 2019 – when the world looks to Cleveland for a
sensational retrospective of the fire – like a phoenix reborn from
the fire, Cleveland has the opportunity to surprise, amaze, and
inspire the world with its transformation to a bright green city on a
blue lake. When the world looks to Cleveland for a retrospective, they
will find a City transformed, 

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