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Sustainability Framework

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Sustainability Framework

“Our shared vision for Lombard is a community

of excellence exemplified by its government

working together with residents and businesses

to create a distinctive sense of spirit and an

outstanding quality of life.”

The purpose of this Sustainability Framework is to declare policy of environmental sustainability and to comprehensively view the environmental goals and programs in the Village of Lombard.

This framework was originally adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 6, 2010. Dividing the environment into components provides a framework for viewing existing programs and the opportunities for future actions. The components necessarily overlap - actions undertaken in one also affects others. Components: Air, Greenhouse Gasses, Water, Transportation, Land Use, Waste Diversion, Food & Energy Use

April, 2011, Lombard won one of three statewide awards from the Partners for Clean Air.  It was presented by Lisa Bonnett, IEPA’s Interim Director and Laurel Kroack, IEPA’s Chief of the Bureau of Air.  The main reason for our award was our public education campaign to reduce idling by signs placed at every elementary school, railroad crossing, and commuter train station.

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