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New York State Solid Waste Program: Beyond Waste

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The New York State Solid Waste Management Program is a regionalized program where Part 360 permits, registrations, variances and other permit related determinations regarding the construction and operation of solid waste management facilities are issued on a regional basis.

The Program divides the State into nine multi-county regional jurisdictions and wach of these nine regions is staffed with a Regional Materials Management Engineer and program staff. Regional staff are responsible for permitting, facility inspection and assessment of facility compliance. The Division's Central Office in Albany provides program, administrative and technical assistance to the Regional staff. Central Office staff also develop program policy and rule making initiatives.

Beyond Waste describes how materials are currently managed in New York and proposes many new ways for state and local government, businesses, and individual citizens to move toward a more sustainable approach, thereby reducing greenhouse gases, reducing pollution, saving energy, and creating new green jobs. The Plan sets out a twenty year goal of reducing the average amount of waste that New Yorkers dispose of from 4.1 to 0.6 pounds per person, per day.

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