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New Jersey Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Program

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This plan reaffirms the state’s goal of recycling 50% of the MSW stream. The overall strategy for achieving this goal starts with a quantification, on a statewide basis, of the increased tons of recycled materials needed. An increase of 1.7 million tons of material recycled from that waste stream is necessary to achieve this goal. This is further calculated on a per county basis, with an analysis of current MSW recycling tons by county, and the necessary increases required by each county.

The statewide increase needed is also expressed in terms of increased recycling tonnage by material, such as newspaper, corrugated, food waste, etc. Additionally, the plan targets specific classes of generators (schools, multi-family housing complexes, small and medium sized businesses) that need to be focused on in terms of expanded recycling opportunities for the materials identified.

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