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Connecticut Solid Waste Management Plan

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The new Connecticut Solid Waste Management Plan, amended in 2005, focuses primarily on municipal solid waste (or MSW, what is commonly considered household and commercial trash) and debris from construction or demolition activities. The Plan identifies the existing state of Solid Waste Management in the state of Connecticut, all the barriers to solving any identifiable problems, and solutions to such problems. Connecticut will focus on implementing higher priority strategies listed in the Plan.

The Department worked extensively with the public and the specially created CT DEP Solid Waste Management Plan External Stakeholders Working Group. The External Stakeholders Working group included those from municipal and government associations, regional solid waste management authorities, the solid waste management industry, the recycling sector, community and environmental groups, and business and waste generating industries.

Implementing the Plan will involved all the citizens of Connecticut to address the solid waste issues facing the state and will require not only changes in personal and business practices, but also legislative changes and increases in funding at the state, regional, and local levels to support new and expanded solid waste management programs.

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