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Spring Cleaning, Fairfield County, Connecticut

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Name: Robert Sojka
Phone: 203-400-2848


Though cleaning is not exactly everyone’s favorite, we should take advantage of the gorgeous weather and jump start with it. Here’s how:

Sort the things you are thinking of throwing into never used, seldom used or used. You can temporarily store them in boxes labeled as “throw”, “donate” and “keep”. This may be a little challenging because it would be pretty hard to let go some of your things. So be objective. Don’t worry much, as someone would really be grateful for that purple sweater that grandma crocheted for you fifteen years ago – only if you can decide to donate it.

Recycling should always be in our vocabulary, and so should always go with the word “cleaning”. Before you throw or donate those things in the boxes, RECYCLE. Your tattered shirt can be cut up and turned into cleaning rags. Or be quilted into colorful throws and blankets. Collage your stacks of old CDs into wall displays. Reusing, reducing and recycling wastes can be done through endless ways; and your resourcefulness, imagination and creativity can bring you to no limits. With recycling, you can not only spare yourself from some expenses for which you do not really need to spend for, but can also do Mother Earth a huge favor.

Garage Sale
Money is always a good motivation for de-cluttering. If you think your things may still be worth a few bucks, setup a garage sale. Spring is great time for yard or garage sales because your friends and neighbors will always be out and about. Announce the garage sale to your potential buyers a week in advance, probably on a paycheck weekend. And if you simply cannot organize a garage sale on your place, post your things on online buying sites for pre-loved items and watch the proceeds rise.
But if after all the segregating, donating, recycling and reselling, and the trash that your home has generated all throughout the year is still in leaps and bounds, why not rent a dumpster instead? Better yet, why not contact a roll off service that will help you with the recycling from the very start?

Your roll off service can save you from the real hassles of in-depth yearly cleaning. Unless you really want to put out a bit of them every week, a rented dumpster can give all the help you need in removing all the mess at once. With a dumpster, you do not have to pack everything in a bag. It is absolutely better to have a dumpster that you can fill and be hauled away after you have placed the bags of trash.

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