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Solar Powered Parking Paystations

Category: Transportation

Initiative Objective:

Using the solar powered paystations in the Webster Parking Lot

Initiative Objective

Solar powered/batter operated versus traditionally powered electric pay stations are not only more cost effective to purchase but also ongoing maintenance and consumption costs are less. Solar powered pay stations typically do not require  digging up of parking lots to lay cable to provide electricity.  Solar panels are usually mounted on top of the traditional pay stations around the parking lot and each installed with a battery. Wireless connections enable administration and management to track minute by minute usage.

Contact: Kathryn Hebert

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City of Norwalk
Location: Norwalk, CT
Contact: Kathryn Hebert
The method of operation at the Webster Parking Lot was changed initially to provide a self-serve and convenient parking alternative to the diversified user-base
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Peter asked:
I am a certified PV installer in Philadelphia, PA. Where can I purchase these parking stations?

Hi Peter, How are you? Just wanted to confirm that you received the contact info I sent you. Please let me know! Thanks! Daphne

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