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Bridgeport, CT Brownfields

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Name: Amy McDonough
Phone: 413-214-4762
205 Industrial Ave East


According to the CT Brownfields Redevelopment Authority, there are 27 brownfields identified in Bridgeport, and at least 17 of them are large enough to be viable for solar redevelopment. Many of these properties, from the Bridgeport Brass sites to Mount Trashmore to Steel Point, have been sitting idle for years, or decades, and not contributing value to the City. Solar development at these sites offers a clean energy reuse option that will help improve the location, as well as our environment. For example, a portion of the Steel Point site, at 50 acres, could be devoted to a highly visible example of the City's commitment to sustainability and green initiatives. The space needed for solar development could leave more than half the site still usable for other development, and enhance a green marketing plan to draw in other site users. There are many sites in Bridgeport that could be redeveloped in similar ways. The legislation passed earlier this year in Public Act 11-80 provided new gateways for renewable energy that provided impetus for the development for up to 200 megawatts of clean, green, energy generation. Borrego Solar would like to see the City of Bridgeport take advantage of the legislation and will gladly work with the City to assess the viability of its Brownfield sites.

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