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How to make environmentally friendly choices


The site provides information that helps people make green decisions. One example is a woman who visited the site and afterwards, went to the store and was compelled to buy a non-toxic chemical free cleaning product so she could maintain a healthier indoor environment for her family.  She was very satisfied with her choice and attributed it directly to what she had learned on Snappy Green. Another person went through Snappy for specific information on energy savings. She found the website to be very informational and subsequently contacted me for specific details on rebates for insulation as well as advice as to what type of insulation would be the best for her application. I shared with her my knowledge of the features and benefits of the different types of insulation.  I then contacted three people in my network and got her the latest information on insulation rebates since they have recently changed, guidance on what to do for her specific home and two resources that could help do the install and consult for further energy saving measures.

About "Snappy Green: Be Healthy * Save Money *Love the Earth"

Snappy Green is all about Green Living in the home and the life you live in it.  It is full of useful information & tools to help you evaluate your current environment & take action.  There is something in it for everyone & it doesn't have to be drastic or expensive.  Going green, in the home not only helps the earth but has health & financial benefits for you and your family.

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